It all started when my company needed me to spend a week working in Edinburgh Scotland. Sounds like a great opportunity; until i noticed i was booked on a United Airlines flight. Now, I am based out of Phoenix Az and having had some issues with United Airlines in the past I was a little concerned with such a long flight requiring me to change planes in another city. Best part is i had the bright idea to take my wife with me. So, i purchased tickets for my wife and upgraded both our seats to economy plus. I was all set, flights booked, hotel reservations made, and my uneasy feeling toward United Airlines being problematic started to dissipate.

The day of the trip came and my wife and I arrived at the airport in Phoenix two hours before our scheduled departure. Upon arriving at the check in counter we escorted into a special line for passengers flying into Newark; where our connection to Edinburgh would be made. We were told there was a three hour delay but no one could give us a reason as to why. So we finally reach the attendant at the counter after waiting an hour in line. By the way, there were only 6 people in front of us and the supervisor kept promising everyone more attendants would be coming. We reached the counter and immediately were greeted by a rude lady who seemed as though we were inconveniencing her by checking in. She told us promptly the flights were delayed and we were being booked on a later flight. Okay, we said what time and where are our seats. No economy plus available, and no seats sitting together for the long flight from Newark to Edinburgh. I asked if she could try to put us together as my wife is a nervous flier. Her response was no, there were no seats available and i should check at the gate in Newark i would have plenty of time to deal with this issue there. I quietly whispered to my wife at this point ***, they will will be late and we will be lucky to arrive in Edinburgh. After an agonizing ten minutes of mistreatment we handed our bags to the rude lady and received our baggage claim tickets to proceed to the gate.

Now, my wife and i have 3 hours to kill so i decided to handle the situation early and approached the attendant at the gate. She was able to put us together on the connecting flight to Edinburgh and refund the amount i paid for upgrading to economy plus. Once again I was feeling a little relief that we were going to make it. I mean really it was Friday and I needed to be in Edinburgh for work on Monday.; so no worries.

We were now on the runway arriving in Newark at 910pm, connecting flight leaves at 955pm but it is was only 2 gates away in the same terminal. As we approached the gate the pilot came over the loud speaker and said we being diverted to another gate. Anxiety was now setting in but at least it was the same terminal hub. As we arrived and everyone stood up we the passengers could not understand why we weren't being let off the plane. The pilot again came over the loud speaker and proclaimed we have asked twice for someone to extend the bridge and no one is responding. WTF, it is now 935pm; we finally get into the airport and realize it will be a sprint to the other gate. Funny thing, United is Always late so no worries. We arrive at our intended gate with plenty of time. I asked the lady checking tickets will our bags make it, she proudly said YES.

Sweet, we our on our plane, my wife next to me and i can see and hear bags being loaded on our plane. I sigh, try and cross my legs and settle in for the long flight. One hour later i am still trying to get comfortable for ***. Finally we leave, life is good, bags on board, and free movies. No sorry for the delay, just sit down and shut the *** up!

It is now Saturday morning as we arrive in Edinburgh, staring our journey in Phoenix Friday morning and we are tired. We Get through customs without a problem, and head straight for the bathroom, glad to have made it; then i hear a page overhead calling my name to the baggage office, instantly everything on me puckers up. I proceed to this office and i am told my bag didn't make from Newark, okay what about my wife's bag i ask and the lady says what other bag? So, i give her my claim ticket and she tells me it went to buenos aries. WTF!

It is now Sunday morning in Edinburgh, temperature chilly and a chance of rain. I have spent all day Saturday trying to retrieve bags. Each time i call United Airlines I am told they do not know where my bags are and i greeted with rude customer service. They do not even have the decency to pacify me with lies saying they are working hard to recover my bags. Nope they just say we don't know where they are and have no advise for me. Yet a breakthrough, some local guy working at the baggage area has located one bag, my wife's, and it will be delivered to our hotel in 30minutes. This is great but my suit for work is in my bag and i need it Monday morning, plus i have been wearing the same clothes for three days now, i have no jacket, and the hotel razor is ***. The bag arrives, funny thing as i look at it and realize the rude lady in Phoenix miss tagged the bags; it is my bag. Yeah, but my wife is still stuck in limbo.

It is now monday morning and my wife's bag is still traveling around the world. Still no update and the more i call the more they seem to be less sympathetic to our situation. No resolve at this point and United Airlines couldn't seem to give a ***. We shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes but as consumers we get ***!

Moral of this story and the point of this dissertation is to warn any traveler to never fly United Airlines. They shouldn't be in a customer service business. I am not asking for the world but i do expect some efficiency when i pay thousands of dollars to someone to provide a service.

Never , Ever Fly United Airlines, unless you enjoy rudeness and like being treated like a turd.

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