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Me, my wife and my 7 year old daughter live in Brazil. We planned, in much advance, a nice trip to US and Canada. We spent the first 5 days in New york and than 5 days in Ottawa where my older son lives. This nice trip would end in Breckenridge Colorado. Friends and family would dinner together and children would enjoy the happiness. ing with us the gifts bought in New York. We were bringTickets from Brazil to US were by Delta and tickets to Canada and a back from Canada By United/air canada. I never had any trouble with delta airlines. See what happened:

1) The tickets to go from Ottawa to Denver were bought on September 2014, payed 90 days in advance. Despite that we could not board due to overbooking or overselling.

2) I did the internet check-in the night before departure. No seat numbers were available or designed. No special note or warning given by the company. This was not new to me because the last 4 times I flied by Air Canada no seats could be available by internet check-in. Even after airport check-in nothing was told to us (except the advise that someone at the boarding area would call us and designate seats). In summary we would never imagine that there could be a possibility of not getting that plane.

3) We arrived at Ottawa airport early, 2 and a half hours in advance. Line was not that big. We did luggage check in 2 hours in advance and at this time were told someone would call our name at the boarding area and arrange seat numbers together. We waited patiently. It caught my attention that one United guy kept running from one area to the other. Everybody got in except us.

4) Five minutes before the plane departure that same employee told us that we could not fly. We were victim of overselling. There were no seats available for us. He was very upset and told us there would be a 300 dollars voucher for each of us. I told him I have never used united voucher and I do not plan to travel United ever again. I Told him I can not use this voucher in Brazil and my vacations are only on December of every year. He than offered a 500 voucher for each of us and explained he was very sorry to ruin our vacation. He than explained that United now has this kind of policy and overselling seats are becoming common. he also said that there are severe United employee deficits in Canada.

5)The employee searched for flights arriving in Denver before 6:30 pm. The then concluded that there was only one option... We had to hurry and sign papers without any time to read. He said "you have to sign or you will never get to Denver today". He offered us no choice. We had to sign a agreement paper "voluntarily" accepting the voucher. My wife refused but we were late... the other flight departure had begun.We signed the agreement papers because we really needed to get to Denver before 6:30 PM.

6) We then ran to get the Toronto and Cleveland flights. At the end those flights to Denver became a nightmare due to several issues:

6a)A Small aircraft,

6b)One lost baggage (the baggage with underwear and medications and some gifts,

6c)One flight delay

6d)A very procrastinator and bad humored guy that works at at Denver United luggage claim.

Employees in Cleveland said that some of the problems are related to company policies: in Ottawa United employees were fired and company is paying 6 dollar per hour to other airline people to do the job. Some complained a lot about the overbooking overselling policy.

I taped and took pictures of many things. I obvinously lost the Christmas dinner. We arrived Breckenridge only after midnight. The underwear clothes and bath stuff, medications and electronic toys were in the lost luggage.

I called 3 different 1800 United numbers. I did twice the online complaint. Even thousands of dollars can not pay the terrible Christmas eve We had.

Right now I do not want the 3three vouchers... I prefer a direct refund. Vouchers are useless to me, specially because I hate United Airlines. service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lack of humane treatment, Lack of response.

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Fargo, North Dakota, United States #924682

So SAD. Too BAD.

Denver, Colorado, United States #924049

Kevin please stop replying on my letter okay, i have a seven year old daughter and wife, everytime you reply on my letter it makes me want to hit them. Please stop if i hit them again my wife will leave me and take my daughter with her so please stop making me so angry with your replies that i want to hit my wife and daughter.


For someone who is very sell successful you sure have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes which you blame on your smartphone. The reason your son is not getting his education near where you live is obviously so he can live far from you as possible. You are the sad person that your own son does not even want to live with you.


Holy with your attitude and behavior no wonder your son moved far away from you. He probably hoped you would refuse to get on the flight so that he could have a peaceful Christmas without you and your wife.

You ruined his Christmas yourself by showing up on his doorstep. Before you go around calling anyone useless and complaining about their mistakes work on your spelling and grammar, because you are not perfect yourself.

to KevinRichards Denver, Colorado, United States #923853

You must be some perfect guy!

You might also have a magic globe because you read what is not written

Typing is not easy on the smartphone!

My son is not of your business.

He is in Ottawa for His PHD.

What do you mean by behavior???

Trying to enjoy? Having friends?

Explain please

to Me #923932

When you make a public review it is everyone's business. Why is your son studying far away from you in the first place?

Probably so he can have some breathing space. What I meant by your behavior is your demand for a direct refund which you are not entitled to. That is what I mean from your behavior. I am not saying I am perfect, but you have no right to judge others when you obviously yourself are not perfect.

Oh my smartphone makes it hard for me to type. You are always making excuses instead of doing the adult thing and admitting you are wrong, and you are demanding things you are not entitled to. They are trying to make it up to you but you are demanding more. I have a feeling your son is studying far from you because he does not want to deal with your demanding immature behavior.

Too bad he did not take your other son with you. It would be a shame if your seven year old turned out like you.

to KevinRichards Atlanta, Georgia, United States #923960

Well my friend I hope life goes easy on you cause you are obviously a sad person and a one track mind guy. I saw your other coments and can surely state your oppinion is useless.

Your statements remind me of pacients suffering from borderline disorder. Maybe someone traumatized you while a kid. It is you that is runningfrom your father.. I am THE one encouraging my son to do a PHD and I am paying His bills.

I lived in Toronto and am very well succeed.

I know my rights! United is wrong!

to KevinRichards #924602

kkkk you are funny

to KevinRichards Denver, Colorado, United States #924051

Please, my son left because this is where he wants to study. I paid for his studying and he does want to see me, he did not leave me because he hates me.

Please stop with these comments, it makes me so angry that i want to hit my wife and daughter and since my son is not there to stop them i may do something i regret, my wife told me if i hit either of them again she would get the police involved and move out to protect our daughter. Yeah sometimes i do get angry and i used to hit my wife and kids but please dont make me angry as I am trying to stop.

to luizcmpereira2000 #924198

So you know how to steal someone' sematologia identity.

Poor ***.

to Me again1 #924431

No one is stealing your identity, the Admin on this site have confirmed that you and the OP are the same person and the posts admitting to wife and child beating are from you. Nice try though crazy psycho.

to luizcmpereira2000 #924202

Poor traumatized and heartbroken guy you are... You should read Plato.

One should not answer An angry horse fighting. By poor soul guy.

to Kevinrichardsdumb #924433

You should read the reviews and replies on this site, your daughter and son are the traumatized ones dealing with you, you beat them and then claim someone got into your account, well both the real and "fake" accounts have the same kind of spelling and grammar mistakes, and you don't know how IP addresses work but the admin of this site have confirmed that you admitted to beating your wife and daughter. I know it is you who is following me around from post to post with a copy and past post.

You tell others not to reply but you are doing the same thing. You are a hypocrite and crazy man. No wonder your son moved far from you. You make excused for your bad spelling, you make sorry excuses for beating your wife, you defend another wife beater on this site.

You call me crazy but who is the real crazy one, one who states the truth like me or someone like you who beats his own wife, someone who follows people from post to post? Someone who is so crazy that his son left the country just to not deal with the father everyday.

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