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united airlines is the worst airline there is. they are rude, we were flying to hawaii not enough food, the attendants were yelling in the back they were very mean to children.

they were mouthing off to each other about the passengers.making horrible faces to each other.that was my first and last time flying with united.they made a happy family vacation miserable on the way there and on the way back . i won't be using their other airline either which is continental .

when we got home i called customer service to complain they can;t take complaints you have to email they don't return e-mails and there is no number to call them to talk to a person they tell you to e-mail there is no one at corporate office to talk too you either.i have e-mailed 3 times. never again.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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It's not the flight attendants fault that united did not board enough food. Next time remember they are a mode of transportation and not a restaurant and bring your own food on.

I have been on many United flights to Hawaii and I don't know why people on those particular trips don't mind their children. It is always chaos, not just for the few poor flight attendants who are trying to take care of a couple of hundred of people, but for the other passengers who have to put up with the undisciplined children rampaging in the aisles.

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