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United Airlines (DFW & EWR) employee complaints: Flights UA1906 & UA4935

DFW to EWR-UA1906: On 06/18/18 my husband and I were told by curbside check-in due to us being military, we would not have to pay for our luggage if we checked in upstairs. When we attempted to check our luggage in upstairs United Airlines Service Director Sanju Abraham was extremely rude and combative with us as well as others!

After my husband gave Mr. Abraham his military ID Mr. Abraham told my husband that he saw a contractor’s ID in my husband’s wallet & therefore, my husband was not military. Even after I gave Mr.

Abraham my military ID he continued to accuse my husband of not being military. When I asked for our ID’s back he refused to give them back. I told him that they are government property and he’s not entitled to keep them. He began swearing at my husband and when my husband swore back at him he threatened to not allow my husband to board the plane.

My sister along with another customer behind us stepped in & told Mr. Abraham that he was wrong for the way he was behaving. They both told him that he can not treat us this way & that he can’t possibly think it’s ok to swear at someone and not expect the same in return. He accused of us of trying to get out of paying for our luggage.

If military personnel are not exempt from luggage fees all he had to do is explain that we were given incorrect information. There was no need for him to be so demeaning & combative.

EWR to AVP-UA4914: Upon arriving to EWR our plane circled the area for about 45 min. The pilot informed us that we could not land due to flight delays and the FAA not allowing anyone to fly out of EWR. Once we landed we remained on the tarmac for about 30 min.

Prior to announcing everyone’s connecting flight gates the flight attendant & pilot informed us several times that they had called ahead to inform staff of the situation & to let them know that our plane had people with connecting flights. Per the flight attendant & pilot FAA was not allowing flights to leave however, after arriving at our connecting gate United Airlines Gate Agent Charles informed us that UA4914 had already departed. After informing us that the next flight to AVP would not be until 6/19/18 at 4:55pm he asked, us took up Amtrak tickets to AVP. Upon finding out that Amtrak does not travel to AVP he said, a new flight or a train are the only options we have.

When I asked him about hotel & food accommodations he said, that United does not offer hotel or food accommodations. I informed him that I was 6 months pregnant and cannot stay in the airport for 18hrs. He apologized and repeated that United does not offer hotel or food accommodations. By now I’m extremely tired, frustrated, & crying.

He gave us an $80 hotel voucher to the Ramada but, neglected to inform us that the rooms cost $158. With treatment like this I can assure you that this will be our last time flying United!

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You're just to precious and worrisome to fly. Please don't do it again.

You want this, you want that. Nothing would satisfy you.You were able to cry out a voucher while others probably go nothing.

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