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Back in May, we contacted United customer service about a one way ticket for our exchange student (since you can't book a flight 365 days in advance, we couldn't book a round trip). Everything went great.......confirmed a one way flight for $652 from Madrid to Phoenix. Gave them payment information and received confirmations via email and everything was good to go....OR SO WE THOUGHT!

One and a half months before the flight, we get an email from United saying there was a problem. What kind of company calls up to rescind a confirmed ticket? UNITED AIRLINES, IS THAT COMPANY! Now they wanted $3000 dollars. Yes, what was a confirmed $652 ticket now just increased in cost by 460%.

Well let me tell you and any United Airline Share holders out there......Norwegian Airlines just got my business for this needed flight, and all other airlines will get my future buisness. I will never ever use United Airlines again and will go out of my way to make sure of that! I refuse to use a company that treats their customers (and pets for that matter) so poorly. I suggest anyone else reading this to avoid United at all costs.

The kicker for me was when they said their customer service representative and manager made the mistake and that they would receive a memo on that fact. Well United, as far as I am concerned you tried to punish me, the consumer, with a 460% price increase. Thank God there are and always will be alternatives to your poor customer service. Adios United.Angry

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