United Airlines Mileage Plus Rewards Program Reviews

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Price Affordability
Additional Fees
Value for money
People who fly often on United and find out I am a 1k member are very envious of my status. It equates to sitting on about 20-30 flights or so for me in a year and spending around $40k. I can tell you that 1k status is not what it use to be on United and that is why I am switching to Delta. UPGRADES As a 1k you would think you would always get upgraded. Oh no, you only make the top of the list if you are a 1k AND spent a lot on the ticket for...
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I didn't like
  • Frequent flyer treatment
I don't have the words to express all my frustration against United.  I called to ask if I could book a ticket and use mileage to pay for part of it and if I could use a certificate as well. The agent told me I couldn't combine bot  (so why bother saving them anyways?). We looked for the ticket price and then I asked to see how much would be deducted if I use mileage to pay for part of my ticket. Surprise, surprise, the game changed. I was...
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On 12/01/2015 United Mileage Plus program expired my 167,790 miles without any notice or notification to me. I discovered this by logging into United Mileage plus website. I called Mileage Plus customer service and complained and was told that I had not abided by the program policies and could reinstate the miles for approximately $978. I declined stating that I had accumulated these miles from the Continental Airlines Mileage Plus program and...
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I didn't like
  • Airline miles expiring after united-continental merger