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Travelled in the 3rd of July. Flight 12:45 should landed 5 :45p.m Destination should be Newark ended up in Baltimore.

From Montego Bay we got only one pretzels didn't reach home until 3:45 was hungry, sleepy, tired and nothing from this airline than to carry us on bus to Newark.

We first heard that the plane needed fuel, then the crew has to changed.I think there is really a problem with this airline we were left with our luggages and nobody directed us where to go we had push and pull over the airport until we found the United desk. Horrible experience.

I didn't like: Inconvenience, Terrible customer service.

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"we got only one pretzels "You sound so weak. Whatever happened to the rugged American.

You went a few hours without food and you think you're starving.

What did you want, the UN truck to roll in and distribute hot meals.As to the bus, be glad you got home that night. Stay home under your bed.Sounds like there's more to the a story where there was a fuel issue and the crew timed out.

to Anonymous #1519938

U piece of *** did I say I was hungry? I didn't even eat it I always have food with me.

I was just saying for the long hours at the airport nothing was done that's my point. You are who the CEO u need to close down.

to Anonymous #1519980

Look mommy!! A snowflake in July!! Epic fail post!!

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