United PetSafe almost killed my Greyhound on July 3, 2013 on our flights from San Diego to Boston.My dog and my cat were never allowed out of their crates, even though I had paid extra for a "Safety Stop" in Houston.

They were never given water nor food, nor allowed to relieve themselves for 12.5 hours! They were NOT transported in an air conditioned PetSafe van, as promised in United's marketing materials and as promised on the phone and at the airport. The baggage handler kicked my Greyhound's crate, as she tumbled around in the crate, across the tarmac six times, to push her under the wing of the plane and they left my dog and cat under the wing of the plane in Houston's stifling heat. I have video and pictures proving this.

The temperature on my phone was 91 degrees in Houston, it had to be at least 100 degrees on that tarmac. My pets were finally put in the cargo where they sat for more than one hour as work crews tried to fix a seat belt problem and then an air-conditioning problem. The cargo door was open allowing the brutal heat to cook my animals. We had to change planes because of the faulty air-conditioning and I never saw the PetSafe van take my animals out of the cargo.

I was informed that I had to get off the plane immediately. My animals were still in cargo. Upon arrival in Boston the cargo employee stated, "This is animal cruelty" while looking at my Greyhound and her crate. Her crate was covered in blood, *** and urine.

My cat's crate was covered in *** and vomit. My Greyhound suffered severe dehydration and heat stroke. She needed to be hospitalized in intensive care for 3 days; her kidneys were failing due to heatstroke, and her liver was struggling. She was urinating and defecating blood.

My vet bill was more than $2700. I detailed everything to United Airlines and asked to be reimbursed for the vet bills. Their offer to me was $1000, and that was to be given to me only if I signed a 4 page non-disclosure agreement. United claims she had a pre-existing condition and they refuse to tell me what this "pre-existing condition" is.

I have a letter from our vet in California indicating she was in perfect health and had NO pre-existing condition. The vet who treated her in Massachusetts has written a letter indicating that her medical problems were brought upon by her mistreatment by United, resulting in heat stroke. DO NOT FLY YOUR PETS IN CARGO WITH UNITED. They have taken absolutely no responsibility for the brutal and neglectful manner in which my animals were treated.

They killed Maggie Rizer's dog and Michael Jarboe's dog last year. Google their stories. In all of our cases they refuse to take responsibility and blame it on a "pre-existing condition." I only wish I had read about what they did to Maggie and Michael's dogs before I ever entrusted my animals to them. Please share this with your associates, friends and family.

DO NOT TRUST PETSAFE.Your animals are NOT SAFE and United will take NO responsibility, whether they injure them or kill them!

Review about: United Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $2715.


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Oh My God! Sorry to hear about your horrible experience, I hope your furbabies already recover their health.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1234297

In my opinion, unless you absolutely HAVE to (moving to another country perhaps), it is always cruel to fly an animal on a plane.You can't possibly make sure they are being treated well when they are in a cargo hold and most times they are not.

If you have to move a pet, drive.Simple as that.


Why would you ever book a flight with animals that has a stop over or change of planes?You are asking for trouble.

There is no excuse for not booking a direct flight from San Diego to Boston.Alaska Airlines flies it.

to Anonymous Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States #1233481

I booked a non-stop flight from Boston to LAX which United did not put my pet on.They left her on the ramp for 5 hours and then sent her to Newark.

Therefore United is at fault.It does not matter how they are booked, United lies and will not get them there safely!


I have had a horrible time with them shipping my precious puppy! This service is horrific and the biggest scam ran thru United Airlines.. People DONT EVER USE this service!


Thank you for getting the word out about this. It's far more important than the money you lost.

Santa Rosa, California, United States #745298

Submit the video to every media outlet.


I think the airlines can and do make a lot of mistakes. That being said - I do not believe they would have allowed pet transportation due to temperature restrictions during that time of year. Also - There is NO reason to have a "safety" stop in Houston (of ALL places) in July. I've lived in Houston. And I have just flown my greyhound from the east coast (NYC) to Stockholm Sweden (June 2013).

We were very aware that due to increasing seasonal temperatures - you are not allowed fly certain routes with pets in cargo because of extremely high (or low) temperatures. Mid June was the last safe time we were going to be able to fly - or wait until after September.

Something does not sound right with this story at all.

to Anonymous #742480

Why would you even suggest that someone would lie about something like this??Just because it didn't happen to YOU doesn't mean it doesn't happen to someone else.

There have been numerous cases where this has happened to someone's pet, in other cases they have actually died.

How could you be so heartless to even question this person's pain and sorrow??Shame on you!!

to Anonymous #1426019

I have to agree with you on this one...In fact after reading many of the complaints here I find that some of the problems were caused by customer errors..

I know when I travel if I am not PRE PREPARED... Bad Karma gets put into the universe and crap happens... Best thing to do...


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