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Lies, Lies and more lies- Delays ALL THE TIME- no concern for the paying passengers- They lie about Weather delays, mechanical Delays, even now- here's a new one; "No available S L O T at the destination airport. They wait to the last possible minute before you are scheduled to board to Delay- and then delay again when the next boarding time comes around- then they will load the plane and Then delay while you are sitting on the cramped, Filthy, kids screaming, and no attendants in sight, no water, no bathroom accessibility, and You just sit there hoping you'll take off soon, and they let that go for 2 1/2 hours and then you are told to disembark and you sit in the airport for another two hours - They have reached the point of American Airlines *** and they Do Not Care!!

Because the government doesn't fine them or regulate them or investigate them for their *** United and all the airlines need to be held accountable and fined accordingly!!!

They are {{Redacted}} with a persons time and life circumstances and they need to be Fined and accommodate a paying passengers needs!!! AND if they dely a flight (as in my case, last month- 81/2 HOURS) they should issue FULL refunds without CHANGE FEES!!!!!assholes, hate them will never fly them again-- I'll drive, its faster!!

Product or Service Mentioned: United Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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All airlines have the same issues.And they don’t want to be delayed in fact it does cost airlines money every minute a flight is delayed.But if the government started fineing airlines for delays in their control there is a fear there will be more aircraft accidents or incidents.airlines may cut corners to save time and money


Your post is not true, therefore you are the one with lies. If you can't handle delays, don't fly. Simple.

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