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I was waiting for a flight heading to Montreal from Newark when I asked this person seen on the picture if there was maybe a more comfortable seat for me. I stated that during my last flIght I was stuck on the very back in between 2 larger men and was just hoping for maybe a more comfortable seat for my next flight.

I didn’t mind paying extra for more leg room and when I checked the available seats, there were actually a number of seats free. Instead of trying to help, he was rude and responded, “well ma’am if you want to be comfortable and want your own row or aisle you should just buy your own plane or pay for private”. I understand working at an airport gets frustrating but I was actually very nice and definitely did not deserve that kind of attitude.

Not only was he rude to me, he was rude to everyone else that were asking him questions. Don’t be in customer service if you don’t like interacting with people.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"Smart Alec will never rise any further in the organization than he is today."

Of course you're not going to let us know what a twunt you were to this person. People don't wake up and say they're going to be rude to a customer.

Often times, it's like an earthquake, the pressure builds up and a turkey like you shows up, immediately demanding and rude.

Guess what, it's your day to incur the wrath.

Sure, you'll say you're the customer and this person should be subservient to your childish ways. P.S.

This person sure looks hard at work. Let me guess, you decided to keep interrupting as he was trying to accommodate the people who were in line ahead of you.


Smart Alec will never rise any further in the organization than he is today.

I guess your answer should have been : " I'd much rather have my own plane than ride on United Airlines ; trust me, you're our second choice."

One of those guys tried to start a physical altercation with my 83 years old Dad.

He said, after other rude comments " go ahead and hit me, old man, see what happens" as he stuck his chin out towards Dad.

The guy got off lucky - Dad was a wrestler from a family of boxers and works out 5 times per week. One good haymaker and it would have been "Good Night Irene".

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