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Robbed by United Airlines! A conversation I had with United Airlines customer services on October10th I asked to cancel the Las Vegas to San Francisco leg of our journey to be told I would have to PAY 85 Euros (US100) to do so.

Apparently, these are terms and conditions that I had not been given, but I agreed to do so. As the flight times differ from the flight I booked, we felt the transfer time was too tight for the international leg of our journey, so to be safe we decided to go to San Francisco a day earlier. We then did the following: First, I emailed customer services with our intentions of cancelling the Las Vegas to San Francisco leg of our itinerary. I did receive a response, but no mention of a fee!

However, the last email I received did suggest I speak to customer services before our flight date. I called customer services and the person I spoke to started off quite politely until just after she mentioned the cancelation fee! When I asked why she just kept stating company policy in a very condescending manner. At this point I was quite outraged and she did not seem to care at all!

However, she did confirm there would be an €85 fee.(US$100) I spoke to UA customer services via Twitter! He confirmed that there is a charge of US100. Arrived at San Francisco airport, lined up for an hour. They changed the flight.

I offered to pay and their representative stated that there is no charge and no fee to pay. On our arrival at the check in desk we were told that we must pay a US$640 penalty. Failure to pay meant we cannot board our ongoing flight! The US$100 was a lie!

They waited for us to get to the airport and basically gave us no choice but to pay or be stranded in the US without our flight. To add insult to injury they offered a $10 refund for not flying from Vegas to San Francisco! Then to add even more insult to injury our 1.45pm flight was delayed first of all because we were waiting for passengers from another flight. Secondly because the plane had errors, so we had to change aircraft.

We eventually took off at 5,57pm!

A very disreputable business practice made by the USA’s flag carry airline. We won’t go back to the US that’s for sure!

Product or Service Mentioned: United Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Oct 22, 2017.
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I took the word of United Airlines customer services.

1st time via email. 2nd time on the phone.

3rd time via social media, 4th time at the airport

1st: told There will be a charge

2nd told -€85

3rd told €85

4th told FREE Finally told US640 (€551) I took responsibility for the €85. Where you s the airline’s responsibility?


"Apparently, these are terms and conditions that I had not been given, but I agreed to do so"

The terms were there for the reading. You just didn't bother to read it or understand what you agreed to.

Did you read the TOS you agreed to when you posted this lame complaint?

I doubt it just as you didn't read the airline's terms.

This is on you. Grow up and accept some responsibility.

to Anonymous #1385149

There are consumer protections in place for European airlines to stop this type of thing happening.

Unfortunately, American Airline companies can run their business in a very disreputable manner and they will not accept responsibility for their actions.

The fact you were given the cost over the phone, then in writing is enough, but the airlines are pretty much allowed to conduct criminal practices and take no responsibility at all for their actions.

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