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I can't believe how bad United Airlines treated their PAYING customers to make room for four employees on a flight from ORD to Louisville.Are they out of their minds to treat a customer this way.

I hope the guy they dragged off finds a great lawyer and takes them to court. I would like to see him get a Million dollars for all the trouble he and the remaining passanges suffered as a result of United policy and treatment of passangers. The media is on top of this and I hope it costs United a lot of money and time spent defending their actions. Why did'nt you send your four employees on another airline, why did United airlines overbook.

This was not the passengers fault but United's alone. Why would anyone want to fly with United.

Flight 3411 The employee's should all be fired, the CEO should be fired.The cop should be fired.

Review about: United Airlines Flight 3411.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Is that you, United?Interesting how there are no actual responses from a United team member here, only your snark.

And with shares plummeting this week, looks like that decision to put the employees' needs above those of paying customers wasn't so swift after all. There were plenty of other options, including another United flight to Louisville from O'Hare later that evening. Look it up.

By all means, keep on whining about Dao's irrelevant past.The DOT investigation, suspension of multiple Aviation Security employees, and changes to United's policy are all telling their own story, and none of it justifies what happened on that flight.

to Anonymous #1317964

Why would a United team member respond here?This isn't a United site.

It's a website for consumers to let other consumers know their experiences with different companies.It is not affiliated with United in any way.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1323604

And if your flight was stranded without a flight crew, and you were waiting for a crew to be flown to you to take you and 300 more people on your plane home, how long would you be willing to wait before you started *** about it? Hmm?


And if they didn't ask people to get off and the CREW,not employees in flip flops headed to the beach,didn't make it and an entire flight was cancelled, people like you would be here whining.

United made a choice, 4 people or dozens of people who may have been stranded or delayed if a fresh crew didn't make it.

Why do they need a fresh crew you ask?Bad planning on their part you say?

Probably not. Weather delays or any other delay for that matter.

Delays like this mope for example can cut into the time a flight crew can fly.

Once that time is up, they "time out." They go nowhere.Anyone associated with that flight goes nowhere until a new crew shows up.

Got it dear...

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