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I will never fly United airlines again. First, we were bumped from our flight to Washington for a strange storm that only they had.

Second, they had my 2 year old son seated away from his mother in an isle seat. How is that supposed to work with a car seat? It's not! Third, they could not figure out the seating arrangements on either flights.

We were the last on the plane. Does anyone know how hard that is with a cranky two year old? As a result, they. Are us check our bag and my son had to spend a three and a half hour plane ride in wet clothes and diapers.

The day before we were to fly back, they failed to email my son's boarding pass! How was he supposed to get through security? The day we were supposed to leave, they messed up the seats again and left us on the runway for 2 hours! This was when I lost it!

When I was expressing my anger with the airline, the captain interjected in a conversation that had nothing to do with him. Finally, and hour later, when they said we could get on the plane again, they were going to fly us to Chicago and leave us stranded there!

We would have missed our connection! Worst carrier ever and will never fly them again!!

This person wrote the review because of "rude piolet" at United Airlines. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2000 and wants United Airlines to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was lack of humane treatment and no customer service. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Miami, Florida, United States #959396

To get seats you want you have to pah for the seats , or get fo the airport early when the gate agent can release addition seats and arrange to seat together. The computer assigns the seats randomly, so it does not assign seatsbased on last names.

I assume that ultimately.your son got to fly next to his mother. While this ia frustrating , there is nothing too lose.

The question I have is why were you last on the plane. The fact your son rode in wet diapers is your fault for not planning properly.

Finally, the.

Captain does have an interest in any conversation on the plane. He is responsible for plane.

Costa Mesa, California, United States #959078

Also because of this incident my wife is threatening to divorce me if I do not take anger management classes. I was so upset that I almost lost it and was about to slap my son when my wife stopped me.

Crying she told a couple that I hit her and my son all the time. They encouraged her to leave me and take my son and gave them their phone number and email address to contact them.

As soon as she got home instead of unpacking she went online to find anger management classed and she emailed the couple who said to keep in touch with her. So not to keep my family I am forced to take anger management classes.

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