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I had an awful experience with United Customer Service. In reality there is NO customer service.

After my worst travel experience ever, I sent United several complaints (6 letters, 4 emails and 1 fax) and haven’t received a single reply. Not even: “we are sorry”. Their disrespect to the customers is shocking. I was never so insulted in my life.

To make a long story short, in order to overcome United poor service and disrespect for customer with some disability, I had to pay an extra 560.00 just to be able to get home flying from New York to DC and was not reimbursed.

Jussara (

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Details puh-lease! Your complaint makes absolutely no sense unless you state what it is.

Why were you charged this extra amount of money? Are you obese and need to occupy two seats. If so, then sorry, United is right. If you eat two meals at a restaurant because you have an unusually large appetite, then you should pay for two meals.

Ditto for buying two seats. Occupy the space, pay the price.

Regardless, unless you state what your gripe is, you come off looking far worse than anything you claim United did to you!

Organ, New Mexico, United States #18697

I bought a ticket with 25,000 frequent flyer miles on United Airlines. The total charges, including taxes and fees was stated as $10.

I got a receipt on email with the above information. They are now charging me two separate fees of $100 and $10 on my credit card statement. I called to request why and they said that the $100 charge was because I booked within 6 days of the flight. They did not tell me that on the webpage when I booked the flight.

THis is a completely unauthorized charge. The webpage said the total was $10, including taxes fees and surcharges. They also did not tell me that when I got the emailed receipt for $10 and a deduction of 25,000 miles. Now they will not credit the $100.

They are irresponsible and the several of the customer service representitives, they are all Indian from India, are incompetent. They only say it is nonrefundable. I was never told that I would be charged the $100.

They cannot lawfully do this. I have stopped the charge on my credit card.

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