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Last week I had one of the worst experiences of my life as a paying consumer.

United Airlines staff screwed up my flight(s) so badly that my luggage went one direction and I went another. At Tokyo, they had trouble allowing me to pass customs at all. Luckily, I had an email on my phone to prove I had purchased a RT ticket, or I would have been screwed.

Even worse than losing my luggage was that my dog Ginger, who is supposed to fly for free with me under the Americans with Disabilities Act was passive aggressively denied by being intentionally wrapped with internal errors, "misunderstandings" and red tape by United staff. Have you ever heard of doublespeak? That is exactly what they did. And plenty of "he said, she said" and passing the buck to blame someone else. I had to make the extremely tough decision last second to tearfully leave Ginger behind with family and now to try to get her home with me halfway around the world in a foreign country that is new to me, as a person with a disability, is a nightmare.

No word from United other than a canned response despite blowing out a complaint to customer service and top executives and staff in charge at the airline. They simply don't give a ***. End of story.

Now I have to pay to send for Ginger and ship her as "cargo" and it is proving to be a nightmare both logistically and financially for me. Let alone how she will feel traveling as "cargo."

Upon asking around, I don't feel quite so bad, as I am not an exception by any means. I simply made a grave error in judgement in flying United. Many people ask me for my advice on travel. United may have saved $1200 by screwing me, but my negative feedback against them for the rest of my life both personally to others and on social media multiplied out over the years will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars ultimately. I myself spend at least $5,000 a year on air travel they will never see again. My thought is, if they are that incompetent on the ground, why in the world would I trust them at 35,000 feet and 550 miles per hour? Think about it.

You have a choice in air travel and deserve to be treated much better than my animal and I were. Shame on you, United.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

  • multiple flight changes
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