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On Sunday the 24th, I was scheduled to fly out of SFO and to Sea-Tac on flight 573. Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues and so we were sent to the United Customer Service Desk.

After waiting over 2 hours, I finally spoke with an agent who then informed me that I was booked for the 6am flight out on Tuesday, the 26th. I told him that that was unacceptable. He then found me a flight on Alaskan Airlines for Monday the 25th leaving at 1 pm (confirmation MYYUZN). When I asked for a hotel voucher, he informed me that they had none to give.

He gave me a meal voucher instead. I was very, very disappointed and irate. After I had made my way to ground transportation, I looked at my flight printout again and saw that the agent made a mistake. He inputted the flight date for the 24th rather than Monday the 25th.

Since I could not go back to him without going through security again, I called United and proceeded to explain my situation to the agent on the phone. She saw the mistake and told me that she would have to find me another flight. I told her "no" that was not acceptable and that the agent here in SFO had confirmed my seat with Alaskan Air (I also talked to Alaskan Air) and that a seat was reserved for me. She put me on hold so that she could talk to Alaskan Air about my reservation.

After she got off the phone with Alaskan Air, she told me that she would change the date and that I was still scheduled for the 1 pm flight out to Sea-Tac.

I arrive the next day to the Alaskan Airlines counter to check in. And to my surprise, they did not have me for the 1 pm flight but rather then 4:55 flight. I was upset to say the least. I again explained my situation.

The agent did not know what to make of it so she tried calling United. There was no answer. She told me to walk to Terminal 3 (I was in Terminal 1) and speak to United. When I got to the United counter, I again explained my situation and told them that I was scheduled for the 1 pm flight and that I did not understand what was going on.

The agent had no idea and did not see me booked for the 1 pm flight on Alaskan. She said that the soonest she could put me on a plane was 8:35. I was now angry and upset over this whole situation and expressed my feelings to the agent. She then called the supervisor and explained my frustration to her.

The supervisor o.k'd. a first class flight for me on the 1:10pm that day. When the agent told me this, I was grateful yet concerned. It was already 12:40 and I had yet to go through security.

I asked the agent if I was going to make it and she said "yes." I went through security, then ran to my gate. I didn't make it. Since I was a last minute add on, no one (neither the agent nor the supervisor) called the gate to say that I was coming so they were not expecting me and the plane left (it was 1:04).

Again, I am standing in line at the customer service desk. And again I explain the situation.

She told me what I already knew, that the only flight they could put me on was 8:35 and a standby of 5:20. I took it but wanted compensation for all the trouble that I was subjected to. She called the supervisor who kindly listened my to situation. She offered me a hotel voucher and travel voucher as well as another meal voucher.

I told the Supervisor that I didn't want the hotel voucher as I needed to get home and was hopefully going to be leaving on a later flight that same day. She at least get me on a earlier flight but not after going through ***.....seriously there is no excuse for such horrible experience.

United says that they want to give the customers more control over their travel experience..I felt and had no control over my travel experience and those that I was relying on were incompetent and only cared about getting rid of me. United, do us a favor and go down in flames please.

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I had a bad experience with these bozos too. Trying to go home from Chicago, our flight was cancelled because the pilot purposely flew around in the air for over 30 minutes to intentionally exhaust his maximum flight time for the day, our flight home was 40 mins ( he would have had time to fly it) so they gave us a meal and hotel voucher, unfortunatley we couldn't use the voucher since it would have cost us $70 to take a cab to our hotel. The airport transport bus refused to take us for free because they gave us hotel outside their travel area. So we were stuck sleeping on chairs. Thy suppossedly were gonna get us blankets and pillows. It took two hours to get a thin little junky blanket and no pillows.

Then the next day we were suppossed to fly home, (which we did thank God) but before we got on the plane they were saying " of sorry we over booked the plane on accident people are gonna have to volunteer to stay behind or we'll start picking people"! I was like WTF!!!! So I go up to the counter to try to talk to the attendant I'm pretty pissed by then, and she can't even speak English at all. I flipped out I'm not gonna lie I said you know what if you can't speak English then get me someone who can!! I'm sick of talking to illegal aliens and foriegners who can't communicate with me. She was *** but I don't care one bit. I blatantly let them know either you ge tus on this flight or I'm suing because your pilot intentionaly flew up in the air in circles to avoid piloting our flight.

Not only will I never ever fly with United again, but I won't fly at all again until TSA is abolished. It was a horrile unnecessary experience and I'm not gonna go on vacation to groped and harassed and treated like *** by airlines.

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