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Even without checking a bag you still have to wait in line with at the terminal ticketing counter to get a boarding pass. Other airlines let you get a bording pass online.

The line to wait in is the same as those waiting to check bags. This extra step is a thinly veiled rouse to get you confused and pay $25 dollars for a checked bag.

It is unnecessary and easily circumvented.

The stated reason for the inspection is to verify if your bag will fit under a seat. Other airlines don't impose this needless time wasting step.

I will not be flying United again if another airline is available for my destination.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Airlines Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You're too young to remember " fly the friendly skies of United " , "Coffee, Tea , or ME" , walking out onto the tarmac, entering the plane from the rear, the pilot calling out " Anyone not flying please disembark the plane " (bye, Grandma, thanks for coming, I'll miss ya) , the 5 cent observation deck for takeoffs and departures, etc. ...

Flying in general is a ghoulish experience fraught with hassle and redundancy ; I don't know how you can tell one airline from another since Big Brother is in charge of it all. I hate it the way it is now and don't bother with anybody's airline and I didn't appreciate the TSA telling me "well that's just too bad" about my clean white socks on their filthy pad.

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