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I am writing to let you know that not only will I never fly with your incompetent and immoral airline ever again, I will never tell recommend your airline and I have already begun to inform my extensive group of friends of your foul practices. My itinerary was a simple flight from Australia to America which I've taken several times before.

I usually am fortunate to fly without problems but for the first time because United is part of the journey I have suffered. Is that what you want for your customers? For us to suffer whenever you are part of our journeys? Because the company doesn't have a proper arrangement with Qantas I was unable to check my bags all the way to Washington D.C., which is what I usually do, even if I have to go through American customs.

It's never such a headache. I had to go through baggage claim in Sydney upon landing and lug the bags to the departures terminal to transfer to international only to be told that I was not eligible to use the transfer shuttle. Thankfully a compassionate man in the airport helped me to the public bus station to transfer to international. I thought everything would be fine.

I get there and get charged THREE HUNDRED US DOLLARS to check TWO bags. That doesn't even make any sense. Who charges that much? And which self-respecting airline only allows one checked bag on an INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT?

Moreover, the flight itself was extremely uncomfortable, and on a full flight, I was put at a seat with a BROKEN TRAY TABLE, that was not fixed all flight long. In an already cramped seat, I had to eat my food on my lap. Given how much I paid for my ticket and the excessive baggage costs, I would hope I could at least eat my meals. That's immoral and bordering on wicked.

It's cruel to gauge your clients who could choose other and better airlines. It's disrespectful and wrong. I want to my 300 reimbursed, as well as a full refund of my ticket.

I've never been so angry as to take the time to write a company for wrongdoing but this was unacceptable. I will never forget this and I WILL POST THIS ANGRY, IRATE EXPERIENCE ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONSUMER BLOG IN EXISTENCE.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Airlines Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $2013.

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Santa Clara, California, United States #1177297

All because a broke table tray and some baggage fees... I pity you.


Immoral and wicked because of a broken tray table? Can you say drama queen?


New York, New York, United States #865648

unfortunately many of the international airlines are only allowing 1 checked bag. I was surprised flying on ANA Airlines between Honolulu and Tokyo, $100 for any extra checked baggage over the 1 free allowance.

Airlines are finding new ways to rip off the public


Wow. You expect a full refund of over 2 grand, basically over a broken tray?

You honestly sound like a first-time flyer. The broken tray thing would have annoyed me greatly but I can't imagine expecting a FULL refund.

I'm sorry, but that is not realistic! And the time to check on baggage fees is when the flight is booked.

to ShaneW #839864

I don't know...I think that would be very annoying, especially on a long flight like that one. Those seats are uncomfortable enough without having a broken tray hitting your knees and having to balance a meal on your lap.

One also has to wonder that, if they can;t handle the maintenance on a broken tray, what else is lacking that may be more of a safety hazard?

Unfortunately for the OP, the US airlines have decided to nickel and dime the consumer due to the "high price" of jet fuel, which has since dropped . Funny how they institute these fees when fuel is expensive, and don't knock them down when prices drop.

to Anonymous #865652

The tray could have just been broken on the previous flight. Are you suggesting that the flight should be delayed in order to fix one broken tray?

Get real. And baggage fees are not a "US Airlines" policy, it is like that with most, if not all airlines. The request she has made here and on different websites, for a full refund on her flight, is a outrageous and ridiculous.

A small voucher good towards another flight may be appropriate, but not a full refund. If US Airlines starts handing out full refunds for broken trays on international flights, I will be gladly sit in a seat with a broken tray.

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