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After its merger with Continental the age for unaccompanied minors went from 13 to 16 "to cover the costs associated with service". The easy answer here is: what service? The $300 fee is the only reason why this change has taken place. There was no charge associated with a minor not travelling under the airline´s unaccompanied rules. Nothing has been done except rob parents who depend on such... Read more

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I have stopped flying United because when flying them within a two month period, I have had to wait on the Tarmac for two hours without being offered water or any other beverages. I have had 2 delays and a cancellation and I only flew them twice round trip. Plus they charge 200 for a change fee which is abominable. They're flights aren't worth two hundred dollars much less they're change fees.... Read more

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In Jan.29th , i should have taken an airplane from Tokyo to San Francisco with American Airlines.The staff of the airport guided me to the united airlines front desk for me to chech-in and United printed a boarding card for me for a plane which I didn't have a ticket for. I checked in all my lugages and waited in the boarding gate. But then they told me that they made a mistake when I was... Read more

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I submitted my complaint via United phone fax on Reservation LYY1V4 per their instructions and have not had a single response or call back and has been now week so far. They called me to change my flight due to weather and I accepted the change which had no charge. I got to the airport and I was wait listed and had to PAY to get on the flight. Jim S Wilmington Read more

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I'm a tall man, and I got tired of small coach seats, so I only buy first class seats on United's domestic system. I recently learned that a first class seat isn't guaranteed by United. Here is what happens: If your plane is late arriving and you miss your connection, an agent will tell you that all the first class seats are filled on the next plane. Why? Because, as anyone knows who looks... Read more

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So....my initial flight was delayed Us 809 from SNA...to DIA....but I arrived at the gate before the plane took off by 11 minutes. ...I was then booked on the next flight 1.5 hours later in economy as opposed to my original first class seats....now the flight was from DIA to COS......% £_÷%_÷% $÷!÷! Add comment

Understand weather issues and multiple customer problems, but have been on phone hold for over 3 hours!!!! waiting to talk to United representative to rebook cancelled flight. Then just got DISCONNECTED!!!! Have been loyal customer but they will never again get the opportunity to treat me this way. See ya!! Add comment

I travel internationally and domestically quite often. I've given up on United and American quite some time ago because of the service and attitudes of the FAs. I recently gave United another chance flying from Chicago to Tokyo Narita and back in business class. The FAs were noticeably crabby from the get go. The only smiles are only between FAs when engaged in their own conversations, while... Read more

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I made a reservation for a round trip in one day...called within 24 hr change time and changed the flight completely....I was quoted for the original ticket a cost of $650.60 When I changed the itinerary I was quoted that there would be an additional charge of $267.00 resulting in a total of $946.60. When I received the itinerary, I was actually charged $1214.20. After speaking with a... Read more

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In 2015 I have had bad experience with United/ American Airlines. I have to flight for business several times a year. Each time I flown My flight was cancelled due to weather. The first I was lucky enough to get exchange with a Delta Flight. but my last flights not so lucky. I understand weather affects flights but they do not know how to handle bad weather situations. Other airlines handle it... Read more

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